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is a retired Professor of Anatomy from the College of Health Sciences of the University of Ghana.  His PhD was acquired at the University of Cambridge in England in 1978, after degrees in Anatomy (1971) and in Medicine (1974) at the University of Ghana.  He has therefore served as a teacher at the University for 34 years in the training of over 2000 doctors and several medical specialists for Ghana. He has published widely on fine structure of the heart. 

He is currently a member of the Judicial Council of Ghana appointed by His Excellency the President. He is a member of Council of the Presbyterian University College under the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. From 1993 till 2010, Seth was leader of the Prison Ministry of Ghana, providing inspiration for establishment of ministries in all regions in Ghana. Seth is a minister of Faith Congregation, Shiashie, of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. He and his wife Cecilia have five daughters and five grandchildren.

Strange phenomena set thoughts in motion, but unless the incidents are striking, we do not ponder over them for long. We label them as interesting coincidences or unfortunate accidents. Over a period of time, we forget. Other experiences are so striking, they draw our attention to the supernatural, and we recognize them as events outside our influence and control.  These are rational events with an intended purpose. They are designed to influence our lives, to catch our attention and influence our decisions and choices, so we alter our course in ways transcendent of our human capacities. Their timing is convincing that they are carefully and intentionally planned, and have not occurred by chance.
Seth Ayettey

Can You Hear the Angels Sing? is more than a memoir on grace, faith and healing in West Africa, it’s a musical glimpse into the breath of the miraculous, and the heart of a man who has given everything for his country. 

In October 2010, Professor and Pastor Seth Ayettey was assaulted in his home. Shot and left for dead, he and his family experienced a series of miracles that culminated in a choir of angels. Now you can read his memoir on experiencing the best and worst of mankind, and how he uses grace to save lives. 

In collaboration with Vraeyda Sound, the hymns of Can You Hear the Angels Sing? are coming to a concert hall in Winter 2016, in preparation for the release of The Angels Sing Choral album. 

Can You Hear The Angels Sing?

Can You Hear the Angels Sing? is more than a memoir on grace, faith and healing West Africa, it’s a musical glimpse into the breath of the miraculous, and the heart of a man who has given everything for his country.

Congratulations on your Retirement, Seth!

Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey taught at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital’s Anatomy Department with the University of Ghana for 37 years.

Today, Seth completed his last lecture and has moved on to his retirement from full time lecturing. The Vræyda Team is incredibly proud of our first author’s continued career and wish him the best in his next endeavours: a book tour of North America with Can You Hear The Angels Sing?

Seth lives in Accra, Ghana with his wife Ceci, their five daughters and many grandchildren.

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Book Review: Can You Hear the Angels Sing? by Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey


Can You Hear the Angels Sing?Can You Hear the Angels Sing? by Seth Ayettey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can You Hear the Angels Sing? is a memoir and a ministry at the same time. It’s a story of life in West Africa, of humanitarian impact and social justice, but ultimately what makes this book special is the beauty of rectifying pain into a glorious and gentle forgiveness. I thoroughly recommend Seth’s book. It is a book which impacts and grips you. It maintains his voice as a gifted and prolific professor of anatomy and a presbyterian minister. He drifts between the solid line of science and religion with the poise of a man who has lived with conviction. Seth Ayettey is one of West Africa’s shining stars, a humanitarian in his homeland and a gifted storyteller.

Seth Ayettey to me has been Uncle Seth for fifteen years. In his capacity as Dean of the University of Ghana Medical School in the early 00’s, he met a blonde haired, blue eyed Canadian nurse named Marjorie Ratel who had decided to come to West Africa to train nurses. After those first early meetings, Seth opened his home to my mother Marjorie and my family. He helped solidify the charity my mother started in 2000 from the nursing lounge of Vancouver General Hospital and Seth has been a mainstay in keeping the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation in good council since.

That’s not why Can You Hear the Angels Sing? was my publishing company’s first book. I was listless and lost in university. I flip-flopped from one Major to another and woke often at night to consider what would become of me. It was in this place of indecision my mother sent me to Ghana in 2006 to volunteer at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and spend time with the Ayettey family. Growing up without a father (my grandfather did what he could, before Alzheimers took him), I lacked that ability to grasp the advice Dads seem to intrinsically muddle through and tell their daughters. Prof Ayettey became Uncle Seth, spending hours in his office in the Anatomy Department discussing my life and my choices. It was invaluable. It was mercy and grace. It was the type of conversation I needed to restructure my life.

Restructure I did. I focussed at university, working on my creative projects and taking further education in literature and film. My faith in Christ strengthened. I grieved the loss of some life paths for the dedication of others. By the time I finished school I was an award winning filmmaker and a published author. Moreso I was capable of taking the advice of my film professor Dr. Vankevich and produce. I started my company. In 2010 Uncle Seth was shot with a shotgun and left for dead by a band of robbers stealing the night. My heart in my throat, I watched my mother make phone calls and jockey support to save Uncle Seth’s life. He chose to stay in his home country of Ghana, although he was given options of treatment and recuperation in the United States. “I have trained these doctors. I know they can save me” it was a moment of supreme faith in the men and women he’d dedicated his life to teach (as he explains in the book). We all fretted and frothed during those months, one moment nearly losing him, the next listening to him talk about divine grace and the glorious music of the angelic choir. In 2011 Uncle Seth came to me with a manuscript chapter.

“I want you to be the publisher and editor.” He said in a static-ridden Skype call. I took the manuscript chapter by chapter and worked with him. I was many times moved to tears by the words of a man who had been through a living layer of Hell and come out the other end praising God and putting forgiveness to pen and paper. We shifted chapters around, staggered hymns at the beginning and worked on prose.

I sat back a year later and flipped through the layout shining white and unprinted on my laptop. The ISBNs were assigned, the cover art was done and the printer was chosen. I read Can You Hear the Angels Sing? from cover to cover and marvelled at how one man could strike so clean a bell of faith and dignity in the worst storms mankind can conjure.

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When I read Can You Hear The Angels Sing?, I knew Dr. Ayettey is a man of science and also of faith. What an incredible power for healing! From my experience as a nurse for 26 years, most physicians rely solely on their medical expertise to heal patients. But Dr. Ayettey integrates his faith as part of his healing skills. I found it very powerful and reassuring to read his stories and see God working in his life.
Melanie A. Brooks, Palm City, FL, USA
Posted 115 weeks ago
Dr. Ayettey eloquently describes the events of his life, many of them very challenging, to inspire readers to see God’s purposes in the events of their own lives. Forgiveness and social justice are tenants of his life – Can You Hear the Angels Sing? leads readers further along their own paths of these important spiritual practices. Those who love scripture and traditional hymns will enjoy Dr. Ayettey’s use of both to discern God’s presence and purposes.
Readers not familiar with Ghana will learn much about the society and modern day struggles of the country.
Susan J. Daniell, Gainesville, GA, USA
Posted 115 weeks ago