Camille Goodison's

debut short story collection, Chance Wanderer and Other Tales of Hunger, has won acclaim for its "magical," "well-crafted," "very enjoyable" stories where each story "feels like a gift."  Camille's work has been accepted for publication by Saint Ann’s Review, Guernica, Calyx, Callaloo, Relief Journal, Steam Ticket, The Round, Teachers and Writers Magazine, and the New York Daily News, among many publications.

She has been listed as a notable essayist by The Best American Essays series, and was selected for a Callaloo Journal creative writing residency.

Camille has won several notable U.S. awards and fellowships for her writing. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York where she teaches at the City University of New York. She earned her MFA in Fiction from Syracuse University, and a Ph.D. in English from Binghamton University.

She was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica where her curiosity for all good things was first nourished. 

Chance Wanderer & Other Tales of Hunger

"Crisp pure air warms near the heart; slow moving buffalo clouds surrounded by luminescent peach; night falls; cold creeps; sharp stiletto stars tickle the black sky; calm dark water. The girls head back to the car. Mike gathers me in his parka. We cuddle. I feel his breath against my cheek. It's time to go. Tomorrow we will eat our food with gladness, and drink our wine with a joyful heart. Selah."
Blue Indigo, Chance Wanderer

Camille Goodison's heartfelt short story collection features a novella Blue Indigo, and several award winning short stories. 

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