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Want a quote for your editing project? Email literary[at]vraeydamedia[dot]ca with 'Editing' in the subject line. 

Editing Services

Structural Editing

Your first draft is sitting in a manilla envelope. A .docx or .pages or .odt appears in a nondescript folder on your hard drive & thumb drive. A backup copy lies in a blank Google Drive/Dropbox. Your masterpiece lies in a beautiful, harrowing pause. 

Every masterpiece needs a structural edit from an editor who understands your kind of poetry & prose. At Vræyda we specialize in structural editing of speculative fiction & poetry, contemporary fiction & memoir. Structural edits get a complete work-over of content placement, plot, setting, pace, dialogue, character review, narrative structure & flow, a written report of weaknesses & strengths for the author to work through and research checks. Structural Editing starts at $0.08/word.

We follow the following professional editorial standards: editors association of canada

Copy Editing

Once the structure & substantial edit has hit tidal-wave heavy and seeped back into the literary ocean, the process of improving the formatting, style, and accuracy of text takes place. Copy editing ensures that content is accurate, easy to follow, purposeful, and free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition. Grammar, punctuation, consistency and readability are examined, commented on, fixed in red and sent back to you for your next peruse. Copy Editing starts at $0.07/word.


The final check. The last time an editor glances at your work word for word, comma for comma. Important? A solid proofread is essential. Without it, a manuscript can flop into rejection piles, or a self-published work can be seen as amateur; the author a chump. Don't be a chump. Let us proof your work for punctuation, spelling (Canadian or American English) & author error. Proofreading starts at $0.04/word. 

Layout Editing

Vræyda Literary's hot, modern layout artists take your eBook, print book, essay or cv & spread it on the page with fresh, clean and easy-to-read, hard-to-forget design. Layout Design starts at $27.50.