Current Projects

Humanitarianism in the 21st Century

A feature-length documentary on bringing world-class health care to West Africa with Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation. Coming Soon...

Empire of Gold

A biopic on a Canadian-Born British Governor in 1920's West Africa. Coming Soon...


A web-series about life, sound and love in a live-music nightclub. Coming Soon...

Blood Lost

A horror-comedy about vampires, werewolves, the supernatural and the gypsies & dates who hunt them.  

Vraeyda Film is proud to be working with the following charitable organizations, to help bring humanitarian relief, medical equipment and world-class neurosurgery to West Africa and the World. 

 Make a statement that lasts.

Vræyda Film is a full service production team taking your corporate, commercial, literary or private project from pre-through-post production. Vræyda specializes in online and in-house promotional video for corporations, charities, authors or companies that want to begin making use of the online streaming video or commercial market. Bundle our Film services with custom Sound Design, recording, professional photography & print and eBook publishing

Authors & Publishers: Vræyda Film has opened up for Book Trailers to accent your campaigns! Prices start at $250 CAD for a 30 second advertisement. 

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