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Bits, Specks, Crumbs, Flecks

"A refreshing and hilarious romp through short fiction surprises and a wry, unconfined wit."

Want to know why Myer's pants combusted? What would life be like for a time traveller in the 1950's? Are you seeking therapy for your rhyming addiction? Do you wonder constantly about what tastes like chicken? Would you like to have a tropical weather system all to yourself?

Michael C. Keith's short story collection Bits Specks Crumbs Flecks looks at the humourous side of life, death and growing up.  

Paperback: $15.97 978-0-9921188-9-1/ eBooks: +$8.99 978-1-988034-00-3

Usurper Kings

"Just as the original, or ancient, circus was a place to proudly display one's physical prowess, Burnell puts on a creative tour du force for her readers through five acts and an Epilogue that combines to make a work of jaw-droppingly beautiful discovery." 

Kevin Hogan, Poet of My Rístrad & Huffington Post Contributor.

Usurper Kings is a poetry collection dealing with cosmology and the feminine through time. An essay in Five Acts, it investigates, feels and creates a universe of discoveries. Featuring Gentle Rage, Neon Lights, Madonna, & Spinning Wheel as seen in MacroMicroCosm.

Imaginative and existential, Usurper Kings is poetry condensed into its intrinsic atomic particles, and electromagnetic forces. 

Paperback: $17.97 978-0-9921188-1-5 / eBook: $9.99 978-1-988034-04-1

Can You Hear the Angels Sing?

Vræyda Literary's first title & first Best Seller, Can You Hear the Angels Sing? is more than a memoir on grace, faith and healing West Africa, it’s a musical glimpse into the breath of the miraculous, and the heart of a man who has given everything for his country. In October 2010, Professor and Pastor Seth Ayettey was assaulted in his home. Shot and left for dead, he and his family experienced a series of miracles that culminated in a choir of angels.

Over 10,000 copies sold!  

Hardcover: $27.97 / Paperback $12.97 978-0-9921188-0-8/ eBook $9.99 978-0-9921188-5-3

MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal

MacroMicroCosm is an inspection into the cycles and patterns that built our cosmos & rule our lives. Introspection turns into outward study, heaven turns to earth. MacroMicroCosm includes poetry, short stories, articles, art, photography and comics with a futurist spin. 

Featuring new and established artists, MacroMicroCosm is a Quarterly magazine available in digital and print.  

 Accepting Submissions 

Print: $6.99/issue $24.95/year ISSN 2368-979 Digital: Magzter $5.28/issue $15.86/year

The Polymath Review Journal

The Polymath Review Journal exists to serve the artistic community with interdisciplinary articles on professional development, while highlighting cultural, art, photography, film, & literature reviews.

Accepting Submissions.

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Upcoming reads

Chance Wanderer & Other Tales of Hunger

Camille Goodison's short story collection journeys and collects tales fit for a comfy spot and cup of tea. Read about android professors, a woman who never sleeps and the Shoemaker's last hours. Wonder about a wine bottle shaped like a woman, and what it means for Kiki and Michael, two professors in love. All of it is in Chance Wanderer & Other Tales of Hunger. Get in on the Cover Design Contest Here. 

Son of Abel

"Why's it, I wonder, that every tattoo place I send you to has an outrageous accident minutes before you arrive?"

Finnegan the Leprechaun was having the best day. His pub, Finn's Bluff, was full of parties, a ginger headed beauty came on to him and the Fae Queen was off his back. Then Caleb Mauthisen called. 

Sapha Burnell's speculative novella hits shelves for this Christmas Season.