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#MMCMonday Writing/Art Prompt #14

A soggy spring yard. Scent of a dying, fallen tree. Flower petals falling on his naked feet.

As always, you have until 11:00 pm (PST) on Friday, April 15th to submit your short story, poem or artwork based on this prompt. The winner will be announced on Monday, and receive a 1 year subscription to MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal and a 1/8th page full colour advertisement space in MMC’s next issue to promote your work. ($300 value)

Submit by using the #MMCMonday tag on Twitter (@macromicrocosm​), or emailing literary [at] vraeydamedia [dot] ca with the Subject Line: MMCMonday Writing Prompt #14.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Volume III of MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal is dedicated to... Fantasy! 

MacroMicroCosm is an art piece, an introspection, an immersion and a literary journal showcasing Vraeyda's ideals, artists, authors & talent. It is an inspection into the cycles and patterns that build and rule our lives. Based around the Speculative Genre embracing a broad base of fiction and non-fiction with fantastical, science-fiction and futurist elements, MacroMicroCosm includes poetry, short story, art, photography and comic. Grab a copy and read it. Get to know us, then read us on EBSCO Host. 

MacroMicroCosm is available at the Vraeyda Store, as a digital subscription via Magzter and distributed worldwide courtesy of EBSCO Host

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Submissions Guide

Last edited April 11th, 2016

We are open for speculative fiction poetry, prose (fiction & non-fiction), graphic novels & art submissions. Stories should be a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, magic realism & futuristic, and non-fiction pieces should tie in to the theme of the greater work and include either literary theory, philosophy, or science.

What to Submit:

Prose: We accept works between 500 - 10,000 words in the speculative fiction & non-fiction genres. Multiple pieces may be submitted as long as the total word count is maintained.

Poetry: We accept between 1 - 5 poems per submission, to a max of 50 lines each.

Art & Photography: Submit a 1-page abstract and up to 5 pieces to review.

Unreleased Work: Currently, we are not accepting reprints.

Simultaneous Submissions: Currently, we are accepting simultaneous submissions, but expect you will respect our time - if your piece gets accepted elsewhere, tell us immediately so we can take it off the table.

How to Submit:




In your email/cover letter please provide the following: 

Any publications/showings author/artist has been featured in. Bio: 250 Words + any awards/grants + Twitter + Blog/Website

Synopsis/Abstract of work/s (Under 300 words)

All literary submissions must be in the following format:

Courier New 12 pt. Font, Double-Spaced

Header: Author Name / Working Title / Total Word Count / Page Number

DOC/PAGES format

All visual submissions must be in the following format:

High Res TIFF/PDF; 300 dpi

All email submissions may be sent to: literary @


c/o Vræyda Literary 
9131 207B Street 
Langley BC 
V1M 2P5 

Mail submissions must follow literary submission guidelines.

Mailed submissions must be sent with a 1 page cover letter including the following: 

Any publications/showings author/artist has been featured in. Author/Artist Bio: 250 Words + any awards/grants + Twitter + Blog/Website + email & contact info

Synopsis/Abstract of work/s (Under 300 words)

Please do not staple your pages. You may use a paper clip. If you would like your manuscript returned, please include a SASE with sufficient postage.

Failure to follow Submissions Guideline will result in your submission being tossed. Follow the Guideline. Show us you are awesome to work with. 

If using the below submission form, please also forward your attachments to our submissions team. We're in the middle of editing the submission upload form and it's in progress.