Marissa Wagner

Marissa Wagner was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a child she found herself observing people as they went about their lives and trying to understand why people acted the way that they did. Using Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis, Wagner looks into the unconscious mind and the way that repressed emotions can evoke strong emotions and how stressful events can bring those emotions into being.  Wagner graduated from Trinity Western University with a Bachelor’s in Art + Design.

The multilayered paint splatters bring forth a fragile state of mind that we tend to ignore or push away in our daily lives. By working with the form of paint and physical manipulation of the canvas, Wagner tries to develop forms that are subjective in nature and engages the viewers to make personal associations.

At Vræyda

Marissa is our graphics and layout specialist, coordinating MacroMicroCosm and Polymath as well as all published layout works.