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The Polymath Review is a Quarterly Print & Digital Journal celebrating the cultural creator and human being. One part literary journal, one part cultural (books, film, wine, restaurant & art) review, one part professional development journal, The Polymath Review showcases the creative arts and literature, while improving the crafts. The arts are as much business as craft, for those of us making them our living. 

Featuring exclusive interviews with professional artists, authors & professors, creator development columns from talented creators within their fields, book, film, art, food & music reviews, and a selection of short story, poetry and art, The Polymath Review supports and encourages the development of the consummate artist, while enriching the Zeitgeist with their work. 

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February 7th 2017

Leontina gasps as the carriage rolls over a root, jolting her and her fellow passengers. With an effort, she breathes slowly through her nostrils. She wants to show poise suitable for her station, but her nerves have gotten the better of her since the coup. The road is old and seldom used. Thought she can’t see it with the shutters latched tightly shut, she can feel the ancient path beneath her as the carriage winds through the forest. The air is damp and heavy. This wilderness will smother them. The countryside is not the idyll she envisioned.

She starts again as they jostle over another bump. They’ve rattled over unseen obstructions since trundling under the canopy, but each one startles her all over again. She can’t get used to the lurching creaking. Each time, an axel could break, ruining their narrow chance of escape. And each hurdle brings them a little closer to their pursuers, who are not confined as they are to a box on wheels. They must be closing in. Damn them all! Stop it, she thinks. It’s no use thinking of that. She has to seem confident. No matter what happens, the children must not panic. She can spare them that at least, she resolves, pressing her fingers into her temple.

“No!” she snaps, lurching forward and heaving her youngest boy away from the shutters by his jacket. The child spares her a sulky glance, his eyes glistening in the dim light. “Kleon, darling,” she continues more softly. She forces a motherly smile. “We must not fuss with the windows. You remember this, don’t you, duckling?”

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Flight from the Capitol (Excerpt) by Savanna Scott Leslie
February 7th 2017
<p>We are proud to share Grain Magazine’s Short Grain contest with all our contributors and readers. </p>

<p>Visit <a href="%E2%80%9C">Grain Magazine</a> for details.</p>

We are proud to share Grain Magazine’s Short Grain contest with all our contributors and readers.

Visit Grain Magazine for details.

January 27th 2017