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The Polymath Review is a Quarterly Print & Digital Journal celebrating the cultural creator and human being. One part literary journal, one part cultural (books, film, wine, restaurant & art) review, one part professional development journal, The Polymath Review showcases the creative arts and literature, while improving the crafts. The arts are as much business as craft, for those of us making them our living. 

Featuring exclusive interviews with professional artists, authors & professors, creator development columns from talented creators within their fields, book, film, art, food & music reviews, and a selection of short story, poetry and art, The Polymath Review supports and encourages the development of the consummate artist, while enriching the Zeitgeist with their work. 

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Polymath Review Journal

Western Canada's Creative Professional Development & Cultural Review (Art, Book, Music, Film, Event) Journal.

Computer Science is beginning to create beauty.

Is this a new Rembrandt? Or the advent of a new way of copycats?

April 24th 2017

The Polymath Review staff are working to our favourite cinematic moments today, and Liz can’t pause without this iconic scene from one of the most underrated movies of all time.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is close to perfect.

What’re your favourite movie moments? Hit us up on Tumblr, or @MacroMicroCosm on Twitter: #CinemaGold

April 5th 2017
tumblr photo
February 7th 2017