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Usurper Kings Usurper Kings
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Eve and the Other Eve and the Other (Usurper Kings Chapbook #2)
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Sapha Burnell the product of a Norwegian fascination with the mutable world and a West Coast Canadian sense of progressive cultural interpretation. Born as the Berlin Wall fell down, she’s a product of the post-modern world and views the cosmos through the perpetual grey of the New Relativity school. She lives in Vancouver, Canada and hops from cafe to cafe to connect with the lion’s share of variety. A member of The Writer's Union of Canada, Sapha is involved in strengthening the success of the arts, and ensuring the survival of writers everywhere. 

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Usurper Kings

Just as the original, or ancient, circus was a place to proudly display one's physical prowess, Burnell puts on a creative tour du force for her readers through five acts and an Epilogue that combines to make a work of jaw-droppingly beautiful discovery. 

Kevin Hogan, Poet of My Rístrad & Huffington Post Contributor.

"The magic of the perpetual condition is not the animal in us, but our compulsion to be like God. It is creation. Not animalism. Every kiss has the possibility of creating a galaxy, a universe, a life. It is this act of creation which we are compelled to call blessed." 

Act IV: Chaos Machines

Usurper Kings is an inspection of the feminine through time. Sapha Burnell's large scale poetic debut on the surface, is a poetry collection in five Acts. However, without each poem's strength and individual beauty at that exact placement, the entire structure would fold in on itself. Move a piece, and the laws governing the works are turned on their heads. Without each work proclaiming its necessity, obstinate in its existence, Usurper Kings would serve no purpose, and become a litany of words rather than a treatise on cosmology and feminism throughout time and beyond our scope.

Act I: Generosus 

"Bang! You're it!"

Act II: Eve and the Other

"Can't make peace with a warlord taken on the dance floor"

Act III: Time Masters & the Cogs

"I miss the crackle of the gramophone, but I dig this sound"

Act IV: Chaos Machines

"Uncle Bob? Is that you, 400 million years ago?"

Act V: The Universe Child

"Is it god?" they asked. "Are they god?" it asked. 

Beautiful Machines Vakker Maskiner

Born in the 80's, Sapha Burnell grew up watching the Berlin Wall fall down. Sapha writes spec-fic, poetry and is available for events. Catch her poetry Usurper Kings.

Tellers of Short Tales

I am headlining the Royal City Literary Arts Society’s monthly Tellers of Short Tales event, with a reading of my short fiction and a Q & A! 

Come out, listen for free, then purchase my new book Son of Abel, or Usurper Kings and I’ll sign ‘em. It’s going to be a fantastic night at the Anvil Centre, in New West.

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Starting Son of Abel with Thomas Merton

“A good loneliness, a good insecurity. Stone room, pines. His will, His mercy. An imperfection to say it and insist: lack of faith. Do not explain.”  – Thomas Merton, March 3, 1961

Why start an adventure novella with a statement of spiritual insecurity? Thomas Merton’s statement, no less. One of the world’s most influential Catholic monks of the 20th Century. I was recently asked for an interview, by a book blogger. Awesome! One Hundred Percent, I’m there. Her questions left me with more self-awareness than I’d prepared for. 

Writing is, above all, an act of faith. Devotion to the written word, to the guiding hand of editors, confidantes, that we not stray. Stray from the act of writing? The act of finishing? Stray from the hardship, the fatigue of one more revision before the deadline?

Thomas Merton’s statement is far more than an author’s plea to insist upon a final draft for publication. I could never assume myself capable of Merton’s experience, or convictions. Living within the state of creative insecurity is like feeding in an oxygen tank. A kind of spiritual high, framed only by the black ink on white pages which come about at the high’s end.

What does it say for Caleb, my lonely protagonist, and his search for the truth of Cain’s Mark? Moreover, starting Son of Abel with Thomas Merton is a proclamation that despite the glut of paranormal fiction, this is my story. It is unlike any other, as Caleb is both alike and unlike any other. The same stone room can inspire thousands of creative works.

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I'm Headlining! Tellers of Short Tales May 2nd

The Royal City Literary Arts Society is hosting a monthly program of readings designed to engage readers of the short story genre with emerging and published short story writers. Before the open microphone kicks off on May 2nd, I’ll be kicking it spec-fic school with short stories from my upcoming collection The Wendigo & Fox Wives.

Come out May 2nd @6:00 - 8:00 pm for this free-for-fans event and bring your copies of my books for a signature. Don’t have a copy? My books Usurper Kings and Son of Abel will be for sale!

Want more info? Email Tellers of Short Tales coordinator Nasreen Pejvack (nasreenpejvack [at] rclas [dot] com). 

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May 2nd's "Tellers of Short Tales" Feature Author: Me!

A huge thanks to the Royal City Literary Arts Society for their “Tellers of Short Tales” Series, where I’ll be featured with my short fiction and a Q & A. Come out to the Anvil Centre, in New Westminister on May 2nd and enjoy.

Want a signed copy of my newest, Son of Abel? Come out and grab your copy, too.

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Norwegians and Coffee

My fave font of inspiration, a cup of coffee was part of my daily routine since my brother and I were carted off in the Canadian pre-dawn hours to hockey and figure skating practices. Grandpa rose first, putting his own spin on the coffee each morning, a sprinkle of salt on top of the beans as his mother had done, on the farm. 

As I spend time healing from pneumonia, I’ve got less stamina than a sponge at low tide, and find the powers of nostalgia are hitting wild and as clear as the water in my kettle. So, while I cannot do, I read. 

Nordic Coffee Culture did a five part series on java in my beloved cultural home. Give it a read! The first part of their article is here:

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