Vræyda Media Inc is a Canadian cross-platform multimedia corporation dedicated to publishing rock-solid speculative fiction, non-fiction & poetry, producing sincere corporate & non-profit film & documentary and filling the airwaves with genre-bending music & audiobooks. Based in Langley, BC Vræyda Media’s commercial film side got its beginning in 2012 with Trinity Western University Alumnus and award winning martial artist Ms. Liz Ratajczak Ratel, Mrs. Kelsey Fast and the support of Ms. Ratajczak Ratel’s friends and family. The literary publishing side of the company launched their first book in 2013, a memoir called Can You Hear the Angels Sing? by prominent humanitarian and anatomist Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey. It's now a bestseller with over 10,000 copies sold worldwide. 

Vræyda is a creative aesthetic, and growing presence in the multimedia age. The cultural landscape isn't simple. There's traditional media, print media, social media, photography, referrals, testimonials and recessions. Vræyda Media offers a one-stop shop where your print, photography, video, audio and events are maintained creatively across the board. We're artists, photographers, authors, composers, musicians, film makers and craftsmen dedicated to growing culture. 

The Vræyda Client is a discerning individual who loves art and empathy, who wants fresh clean design, powerful events, custom sound and music to make the heart sing. The Vræyda Client meets modernity with poise, finds solutions where others see problems, and wraps it all up in old-world discipline and craftsmanship. Unafraid of technology, the Vræyda Client embraces new trends, while maintaining personal vision, with Vræyda helping to ease in new content. 

Our projects are dedicated to cross-media platforms. We're here to tell fantastic stories in film, literature, graphic novels and audiobooks to reach across markets. 


LizRatajczak Ratel, CEO & Chairwoman

Kelsey FastVræyda Sound

Katelyn LaneVraeyda Ambassador

Josh Groom, Vræyda Film 

Marissa WagnerVræyda Literary

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