Vræyda Media Inc
Design. Edit. Market. Create.



Vræyda Media Inc is a Canadian Multimedia company based in British Columbia, which focusses on corporate & commercial marketing, promotions, design, film & photography; speculative fiction publishing; film pre-production & post-production services; audiobook production & creative arts events and fundraisers. Run by a creative core headed by award winning filmmaker Ms. Liz Goryniuk-Ratajczak, and aided by artists, sound engineers, film producers & literary editors, Vræyda brings the fantastic to the world. 

Your business or creative venture is important. It takes up your life, as it should. You're its' architect, and creator, your talents are vast. Although the current professional dynamics lead to 'do it yourself', Vræyda Media is here to take care of the visuals and verbals, so you can concentrate on what you do best. Time is money. Your time has value. Hiring Vræyda Media means freeing your time to concentrate on the most important things you can. 

Our clients vary from individual authors, musicians, creative professionals to small-medium local businesses, to charities with hundreds of volunteers. Whether your project is an individual endeavour, or a large scale show, we have the knack to get it done and take that extra stress off your hands. 

Career Successes: 

  • Publication & Editing of Can You Hear the Angels Sing?, an international bestseller 
  • Film & Graphic Design Campaigns for Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation
  • Film Campaigns for Compassionate Resource Warehouse
  • 5+ Years Publishing MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal
  • Joining the Squarespace Circle Membership of professional web designers