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The page opens, and our hundreds of monthly visitors see your image in the left corner. How did this increased gateway into your work happen?
You purchased an ad on vraeydamedia.ca’s online page for MacroMicroCosm Journal. Are you a literary journal? Ad-Swap for free.

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Our growing weekly podcast & YouTube vlog is rising in the numbers and giving a one-two punch to the lack of proper critical review in the Canadian Literary Scene. Want your company to sponsor a critical, non-biased review, or special interview episode?

Listen to our content, then give us a shot.

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Four per year. What’s that? The Seasons? It’s also our digital magazine. Distributed through EBSCO, Magster, Vraeyda Media Online and Issuu, MacroMicroCosm is a force for weird, wonderful fiction and powerful prose. All traditional sizing persists, from 1/8th to full spread.

Rates are competitive, and keep our magazine going.

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