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Can You Hear the Angels Sing?

Can You Hear the Angels Sing?

Can You Hear the Angels Sing?
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Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey's bestselling memoir…

... is more than a memoir on grace, faith and healing West Africa, it’s a musical glimpse into the breath of the miraculous, and the heart of a man who has given everything for his country, including nearly his life.

Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey's powerful memoir on humanitarianism in Africa is poignant and filled with Seth's personal experience. Shot and left for dead in front of his wife and youngest daugher, Seth was saved through a series of miracles & blessings of community.
The golden tropical sunrise glowed over the mango trees in my garden on a pleasant October morning in Accra, Ghana. The West African sun beamed down in tranquil rays onto my courtyard garden, my family’s dogs, and their newborn pups. It was a bastion for devotional contemplation as I arrived early to the office at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, kneeling in my habitual prayer time. This morning seemed to flow between the Lord and old friends, as my devotions moved organically to my work for the day. A calm, usual day laid before me. My wife Cecilia and youngest daughter Naakai went about their affairs, unaware that this was a lull before the hurricane.
As headwinds prepared to lash at my family, God hadn’t left us to be overwhelmed without aid.
— Seth Ayettey, Can You Hear the Angels Sing?