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A bastion of weird, magical, futurist, fantastic, science fiction.



Speculative fiction, poetry & memoir published in Canada by our independent small press. Including works by Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey, Michael C. Keith, & Sapha Burnell. 

Vræyda Literary avidly takes submissions of graphic novels, novels & poetry collections with some form of futurism, magic realism, fantasy or the weird involved.


Can You Hear the Angels Sing?

Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey

ISBN 978-0-9921188-0-8/ 978-0-9921188-5-3

International Best Seller Can You Hear the Angels Sing? is more than a memoir on grace, faith and healing West Africa. It’s a musical glimpse into the breath of the miraculous, and the heart of a man who inspires his country. In October 2010, Professor and Pastor Seth Ayettey was assaulted in his home. Shot and left for dead, he and his family experienced a series of miracles culminating in a choir of angels.



Bits, Specks, Crumbs, Flecks

Michael C. Keith

ISBN 978-0-9921188-9-1/978-1-988034-00-3

Sink into a fault line of weird fiction, fantastic yarns and memoir stories of one of America's most prolific, entertaining authors. Michael C. Keith shares guffaws, time travel, ghost stories, bacon-scented fantasies and stories about the Good Old Days in Bits Specks Crumbs Flecks, published by Vraeyda Literary.

Usurper Kings

Sapha Burnell

ISBN 978-0-9921188-1-5/978-0-9921188-6-0

"I miss the crackle of the gramophone, but I dig this sound." - L'Hymne Electrique

Sapha Burnell's first poetry collection is an inspection of the feminine through time. Sapha digs into her love of cosmology and culture to expand on five Acts of imagination and meaning. A passionate glance at life from the big bang to the futurist possibility of the existential singularity. 



Son of Abel (The Judge of Mystics Trilogy #1)

Sapha Burnell

ISBN 978-1-9880340-6-5/978-1-9880340-7-2

"Why is it, I wonder, that every tattoo place I send you to has an outrageous accident minutes before you arrive?" 
Caleb's obsession with a magical tattoo had the power to end a long-term truce. Who will save Caleb from the crimson claws of his ex, the gypsy enchantress Delilah? Will Caleb find the closure he seeks? Who will save Finnegan from the Vancouver Transit System? 

book of revels paperback media.png

The Book of Revels (The Judge of Mystics Trilogy #2)

Sapha Burnell

Previewing first as a Serial to Sapha's Patreon, October 2018.

Paperback, eBook & Hardcover hits bookstores Spring 2019.