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MacroMicroCosm Arts & Culture Journal specializes in speculative fiction, non-fiction, literary & music review, and art. 

For review inquiries, please send promotional material for your book, album, arts event, or film to Vræyda Literary.  

MacroMicroCosm Online

Fiction & Reviews with grit.

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MacroMicroCosm is both a quarterly literary & creative professional journal focused on CanLit, book/film/music review, punch in the face weird fiction & poetry, and an online magazine. Follow us for our online videos, articles, mini-reviews and journal previews.

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Dimensions is Out!

The latest edition of MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal is hitting airwaves and servers, and it is time to grab your copy! 

Join Sapha Burnell in the second piece of her new serial New Boy, and discover why android nurses keep following elderly men around a city in the sky. 

Vera Burnell beats out two amazing pieces of art, while MMC Veteran Arts Editor Marissa Wagner enlightens the Imaginary & Holodeck in a work of the same name. 

Duke Nielsen waxes on the nature of cosmogony and speculative fiction, while editorial staff Kenzie Christiansen & Rhet Czak bring on the poetry & novel reviews with Sheri-D Wilson's The Book of Sensations, Emily Ursuliak's Throwing the Diamond Hitch and Virginia Arthur's Birdbrain.

Get prepared for the next Volume of MacroMicroCosm, out March 20th, dedicated to Magic Realism! 

Liz Goryniuk