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#FridayWrites Inspiration Avenue


We all need a place to knuckle down and write. For some of us, that place is a cabin, pristine and remote. For those of us less fortunate to have such serene surroundings, it's where I am now: a bustling brewery or café, where I threaten the cacophony of conversations with headphones and my Spotify account. 

Looking for a perfect place to write doesn't need to steal as much energy as the actual art of black marks on a white page. 

1. Where's your energy at?

I love people. Being able to look up from my laptop to chat with whomever comes by gives me the impetus and ability to produce something more each time they stop by. For me? I need a place with activity. Call it counter-intuitive, but silence bothers me. I do well in my local craft brewery tasting room, a café, or inviting fellow writers over to write and chat over coffee, tea and libations. 
For others, silence is the best way of fitting words on pages. They are “tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote" (H. Melville). Serenity and solitude are the rub. Local parks, cabins in nature, the seaside, your local library... all these places can help.

Do you crave distraction? Do you battle the sound of conversation to stay 'in the mood'? 

Find where your energy comes. 

2. What's your Jam?

Music is a ubiquitous part of human expression and culture. Do you need something quiet, or something emotionally pulling? My creative writing prof in university shunned noise to write only in dignified silence, and encouraged all of us that the least multitasking one's mind has to do the better. Supreme concentration. 

What's your jam?