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MacroMicroCosm Arts & Culture Journal specializes in speculative fiction, non-fiction, literary & music review, and art. 

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Book Review:

MacroMicroCosm reviews What The Mouth Wants by Canadian author Monica Meneghetti, published by Dagger Editions, an imprint of Caitlin Press. Disclaimer: What the Mouth Wants was received in a free book trade. We may have received the book for free, but our review is unbiased and a matter of opinion.

I feel like a child, holding this book. Here is an author who waited... who held back until the moment of critical mass before she pressed 'send' on the query for publication. She waited until she had gravity on her side.

I am struck dumb. Someday I will be as honest and beautiful as author and Writers’ Union of Canada member Monica Meneghetti. There is a courage to honest memoir I find either anemic or overabundant in those who write within the genre. Meneghetti writes with a sensitivity, emotion and courage akin to sainthood. Her ability to pair the wealth of Italian cuisine and both good and bad meals to events in her life is as sobering as the morning hours after a final bottle of Sangiovese.

What the Mouth Wants is a book of creation and disintegration. The burgeoning of many passions, grief of lost parents and loves, and the constant intermingling of discovery which guides the author through her grappling battles for identity and alternative lifestyle in a rigid traditional mould.