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MacroMicroCosm Arts & Culture Journal specializes in speculative fiction, non-fiction, literary & music review, and art. 

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MacroMicroCosm Online

Weird is Wonderful. Buckle Up.

MacroMicroCosm is both a quarterly literary & creative professional journal focused on CanLit, book/film/music review, punch in the face weird fiction & poetry, and an online magazine. Follow us for our online videos, articles, mini-reviews and journal previews.

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Book Review: The Age of Bowie by Paul Morley

MacroMicroCosm reviews The Age of Bowie by Paul Morley, published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Disclaimer: The Age of Bowie was purchased by an office-mate as a gift (Not Sponsored). Our review is unbiased and a matter of personal opinions.

I dreaded the final black dot on a clean white page…