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MacroMicroCosm Arts & Culture Journal specializes in speculative fiction, non-fiction, literary & music review, and art. 

For review inquiries, please send promotional material for your book, album, arts event, or film to Vræyda Literary.  

MacroMicroCosm Online

Fiction & Reviews with grit.

Punch us with your prose, Darling!

MacroMicroCosm is both a quarterly literary & creative professional journal focused on CanLit, book/film/music review, punch in the face weird fiction & poetry, and an online magazine. Follow us for our online videos, articles, mini-reviews and journal previews.

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MacroMicroCosm's "Maya" Issue is Live!

MacroMicroCosm "Maya" Vol. 5 Iss. 2
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MacroMicroCosm "Maya" Vol. 5 Iss. 2

MacroMicroCosm lives!

We’re back with a new format and the same love of weird and wonderful fiction.

Crack open our “Maya” issue to read the latest book reviews, catch the next instalment of New Boy, by Sapha Burnell and see art by Tessa Concorde.

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Our new issue is out!

Break’s a bloody mess. Lieben’s coddling the elderly & the Count wants the Artist. What will Mademoiselle Zayn do in the latest part of New Boy: The Isle of Noises?!

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