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Son of Abel

Sapha Burnell’s magic realism novella.

Son of Abel

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Son of Abel: The Judge of Mystics #1
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"Why is it, I wonder, that every tattoo place I send you to has an outrageous accident minutes before you arrive?" 

Finnegan was having the best day. His pub was lively, he had time for an extra pint and that ginger haired beauty who'd been giving him the eye. When Caleb Mauthisen called for a magical evacuation from the Outer Hebrides, what the heck, that would make for more entertainment! Caleb's adventures always came with a few good yarns. Right? Wrong. 

Caleb's obsession with a magical tattoo had the power to end a long-term truce between Aesir and the Fae Queen's Court. As Caleb dives into the writings of an 8th Century Cardinal, who will save Caleb from the crimson claws of his ex, the gypsy enchantress Delilah? Will Caleb find the closure he seeks? Will Livia ever scrub her hands clean from Delilah's loft? Who will save Finnegan from the Vancouver Transit System?

Journey with Caleb, Finnegan, Ray & Delilah as Caleb searches for the origin of a story older than Christ and twice as twisted. Son of Abel is Canadian author Sapha Burnell's magical novella, first serialized in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal, now improved with exclusive new content with fan-favourite Finnegan the Leprechaun.