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Speculative Fiction Books & Journals for sale.

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Welcome to the Vræyda Store, your best spot to pick up a book from our Literary division, download digital copies of MacroMicroCosm Creative Professional Journal, and to put down a deposit on Vræyda Media services

All physical items ship from Canada.


Literary Editing Deposit

Literary Editing Deposit

from 45.00

A deposit for literary editing services rendered. The final invoice will be constituent on word count & deadline.

We specialize in speculative fiction & memoir and conduct structural, copy, proof editing for manuscripts of all sizes.

Work Length:
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All pricing is in CAD, based on an average of 250 words per page, and follows the guidelines on Editors.ca.

*Due to the increased length of time dedicated to ESL works, the rate for edits is increased.  

**A non-refundable 20% deposit is necessary upon agreement to edit work. Remaining invoice is due within 2 weeks of project completion. Financing options available for projects over 7,500 words. 

***RUSH orders incur a 20% surcharge.