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Interviews, live event coverage, music videos, non-profit documentary and pre-production services for feature film & tv/streaming series.

Our clientele includes Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation, Trinity Western University, Compassionate Resource Warehouse, Blood Lost (The Series) & Empire of Gold (Feature) and you. 

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Book Review: The Age of Bowie by Paul Morley

I dreaded that single black dot on an empty white page…

Book Review: Several short sentences about writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Novel Review: A Theory of Expanded Love by Caitlin Hicks

Book Review: Throwing The Diamond Hitch by Emily Ursuliak MacroMicroCosm ASMR

MacroMicroCosm Online’s weekly book review started with Throwing the Diamond Hitch

Son of Abel by Sapha Burnell Book Trailer

A book trailer for Sapha Burnell’s magic realism novella Son of Abel.

Bits Specks Crumbs Flecks Book Trailer

A book trailer for Michael C. Keith's short story collection Bits Specks Crumbs Flecks, published by Vræyda Literary. 

KBNF Kids Shoe Donation

Interviewing kids brings dilemmas to filmmakers. In this case, I opted to take a slice of life, letting Jacob run in and out of frame, while his mother talked. It made the interview real. 

KBNF: Why Will You Give? 30 Sec

A 30 second commercial for Canadian Neuroscience Charity KBNF.

KBNF Donations from Local Business

An interview with a local business owner on why she gives to KBNF. 

KBNF Introduces Dr. John Sampson, President of DrUMM

An interview done for Canadian Charity KBNF, with Johns Hopkins Professor & Anesthesiologist Dr. John Sampson. 

Usurper Kings Poetry Trailer

A book trailer for Sapha Burnell's Usurper Kings, published by Vræyda Literary. 

KBNF Erica's Liberia Has Neurosurgery

An update video for Canadian Charity KBNF, on its' neurosurgical work in Liberia. 

KBNF Medecine Neurologique en L'Afrique