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Vræyda Events

Creative professional arts & fundraising events in Southern BC. 


Vræyda Events


The Magdalene Feast was a celebration of reclamation for the image of the Magdalene. Neither whore, nor secret wife, she was an Apostle of her own right, trusted and valued for her intelligence and spiritual power. Featuring artists, authors & film, it rocked the Lower Mainland.  Help us bring it back! We want to celebrate women in the arts, and kick some serious ass doing it. 



Arts Events

Book launches, reading series, gallery openings & concerts are our cuppa. We love digging in and letting the creative professionals shine, while giving a venue for networking, connections & local vendors. 


From charity walk-a-thon, to silent auction, to concert, to ping pong tournament, Vræyda Events takes your charity's ideas and implements the vision with an eye for a tight budget.

Come on, we want to help, not gouge donations.

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