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General Submissions

You've got your manuscript in a manilla envelope, or that .docx you're hoping will bring promises of future plenty. What do you do with it? When submitting a larger work for review, please include a 1 page abstract on the nature of the work and a 1 page summary of your editorial experiences. Follow submission guidelines below for email subject, font and header.

  • Poetry Collections: >35 poem collections will be considered, as long as the theme of the collection correlates with the speculative fiction genre.

  • Novel: Vræyda Literary accepts novel manuscripts between 50,000 - 175,000 words. Novels must correlate with the speculative fiction/experimental genre. Larger works or novel series will be considered based on abstract, pitch, promotional considerations & quality of work and editorial response.

Vræyda Literary aims to respond to submissions within 45 days of receptionPlease do not respond to rejection letters, or ask us how you can improve your story. Take it, re-work it. 

Journal Submissions Guideline

We are open for speculative fiction, poetry, prose (fiction & non-fiction), graphic novels & art submissions. Stories should be speculative (a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, magic realism & futuristic), and non-fiction pieces should tie in creatively to the speculative genre. 

What to Submit:

  • Prose: We accept works between 500 - 10,000 words in the speculative fiction & non-fiction genres. Multiple pieces may be submitted as long as the total word count is <10,000.

  • Poetry: We accept between 1 - 5 poems per submission, to a max of 50 lines each.

  • Art & Photography: Submit a 1-page abstract and up to 5 pieces to review.

  • Unreleased Work: Currently, we are not accepting reprints.

  • Simultaneous Submissions: Currently, we are accepting simultaneous submissions, but expect you will respect our time - if your piece gets accepted elsewhere, tell us immediately so we can take it off the table.

How to Submit: 


Subject Lines:


  • INTSub - <AUTHOR LAST NAME> - <TITLE/S> - <TOTAL WORD COUNT> MMC#/ANTH#/POL# (International Authors)

In your submission email please provide the following: 

  • Any publications/showings author/artist has been featured in.

  • Author/Artist Bio: 250 Words + any awards/grants + Twitter + Blog/Website

  • Synopsis/Abstract of work/s (Under 300 words)

All literary submissions must be in the following format:

  • Courier New 12 pt. Font, Double-Spaced

  • Header: Author Name / Working Title / Total Word Count / Page Number

  • DOC/RTF format

All visual submissions must be in the following format:

  • High Res TIFF/PDF; 300 dpi

All email submissions may be sent to: literary @ vraeydamedia.ca

Failure to follow Submissions Guideline will result in your submission being tossed. Follow the Guideline. Show us you are awesome to work with. 


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